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The Li'l Goats project consists of a series of alternative game modes with mechanics and rules that bring different experiences to each of these game modes that comprise it. All game modes work well together, the player can participate in each one individually to get rewards that will be useful in other game modes, but it is also possible to participate in more than one mode at the same time.

We follow the idea of creating a game that is simple to understand but complex to master, our idea is to attract new players with systems that are simple to adapt, leaving the complex part of the game only in its development. Along with this, we created a unique universe, with a backstory that develops over the seasons, and players can actively participate in the development of this story, offering not only ideas of the direction it will take, but also influencing within the game, because as the season end, the story will take different paths according to the faction that overlaps at the end of them.