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Li'l Goats

Welcome to Lil Goats

Li'l Goats is a digital game on the blockchain network that uses ADA(Cardano) as a currency, players use NFT goats to face other goats or mythological creatures from Brazilian folklore to get in-game rewards.

The idea of using goats came from the fact that the creators of the game are from the Northeast of Brazil, with the goat being a cultural symbol that represents resilience in periods of drought. The concentration of poverty in the Northeast of Brazil is 47.9% of the entire country. Li'l Goats wants to bring hope to people in financial need so that 10% of all Li'l Goats annual revenue goes to a charity in Northeast Brazil. By participating in this project, players contribute to the Li'l Goats universe and social and environmental causes.

The main goals of our project are to promote fair gameplay and, above all, a skill-based game, where players must develop and use their strategies to win.

Our Mission#

Our mission is to be a fun, simple, and profitable ecosystem for our community members.

Our Vision#

We aim to leverage the power of decentralization with blockchain to bring new economic opportunities that are attractive, fun, and profitable for our community members.

We envision a future where gamers move beyond the conventional play-to-earn mindset and look to innovative methods to profit from gaming, enabling and exploiting unimaginable opportunities with developments around economics, gaming, and blockchain.