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Li'l Goats' development funds are limited by NFT sales, no additional capital has been raised so far and therefore the spending and marketing strategy for project development needs to be aligned. We are evaluating and contacting other projects to carry out collaboration and outreach partnerships, as a result, our marketing strategy focuses on community growth until we have the game with active revenue in place; the team focuses on building the game and saving funds for marketing, which will be worked on when the game is fully deployed and the product is stable enough to be commercialized, at a later stage in the project.

We are producing short video content on social networks such as Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram, thus seeking to reach an audience that has not yet heard of our project because it is not inserted in the blockchain market or for any other reason.

We inform you that we are open to proposals for partnerships and collaborations, therefore, those interested in carrying out project partnerships or dissemination with Li'l Goats can contact our moderators on our Discord channel or via email: [email protected].