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Social Causes

We Chose ADA, Cardano's cryptocurrency, due to its history of scientific research that accompanies its development and the fact that Cardano uses the proof of stake (PoS) model, which makes this cryptocurrency a lower carbon emitter and lower energy expenditure than the currencies that use the Proof of Work(PoW) model.

Our team is committed to making the world a better place. The Li'l Goats team is based in Northeast Brazil and we decided to donate 10% of all project revenue to help local communities, funding the planting of more trees and helping the poorest cities in our region. Our decision was taken based on the fact that the Northeast concentrates 47.9% of poverty in Brazil, practically half of the entire country. This effect is the result of the exploitation of the environment and the weakening of the peoples of the region throughout the history of Brazil since the time of colonization.


Pisada do Sertão#

Li'l Goats has become a friendly company of the a cultural association “Pisada do Sertão". A project that promotes children and youth from the hinterland of Paraíba, a state in northeastern Brazil, providing education, culture and food to needy families.


Pisada do Sertão was founded in 2004 in the small town of Poço de José de Moura, in the interior of Paraíba, in a fragile, discredited and very vulnerable area where people live in a life cycle characterized by poverty, exclusion, lack of resources and opportunities.


Led by a dreamy teacher, the organization started its activities with the creation of a regional dance group composed of teenagers and young people who found in dance a way to overcome their state of social vulnerability. This initiative allowed for the training of new young community leaders who played a leading role in building their life projects in educational spaces.


Pisada do Sertão began to recognize culture as an instrument of inclusion and social development, and currently stands out in all the countries and in the northeast of the country for its relevance to the area in which it operates.


With this partnership, we believe that together we can transform the hinterland, using technologies such as blockchain, so that these young people have the opportunity to be part of this universe, in addition to promoting human and territorial development by creating opportunities for the transformation of local reality.