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Specs and Knowledge

Versioning - Eras#

The versions of the projects will be labeled in Eras, which make references to great figures and moments in the history of the Northeast of Brazil, separating important moments in the evolution of the project.

  • Cangaço - Origin (pre-sales)
    • Prototyping
    • NFT Sales
  • Quilombo dos Palmares
    • Game development (alpha)
    • Smart Contract developments (beta)
  • Movimento Armorial
    • Defi enabling
    • DAO implementations

Tech Stack#

Li'l Goats implements a range of technologies in pursuit of the latest and highest quality solutions for our ecosystem and products as a whole. Our servers run on UpCloud, a world-class, fast and reliable cloud platform with all the features you need for optimal security, scaling, recovery, monitoring and performance.

  • Blockchain Technology - Cardano Blockchain
  • Game Engine - Unity Engine
  • Multiplayer Framework - Colyseus SDK (NodeJS)
  • Main Website - Wordpress CMS (PHP/MySQL)
  • Servers - UpCloud Enterprise Class Cloud Hosting
  • NFT File System - InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)
  • Top Level Security / Caching - Cloudflare


  • ADA - The currency of Cardano
  • DAO - Decentralized autonomous organization
  • NFT - Non-Fungible Token
  • VC - Venture Capital